Thursday, October 30, 2008

School board attacks Halloween

Today I read that the Toronto District School Board is attacking our Halloween tradition because, among other things:

  • it is a religious day of significance for Wiccans and therefore should be treated respectfully;
  • the images and icons associated with consumer-oriented Halloween can come into conflict with some students’ and their families’ religious beliefs; and
  • many recently arrived students in our schools share no background cultural knowledge of trick-or-treating or the commercialization of death as ‘fun.’

This is the sort of silly nonsense one comes to expect in a community that fosters multiculturalism. This is political correctness gone mad.

Is Wiccan even a serious religion? And anyway, Wiccan’s preach “Do as ye will, as long as ye harm none.” Well, what real harm does Halloween do? And if Halloween comes into conflict with some students’ religious beliefs, then they can opt out and not participate.

As to the concern that many recently arrived students do not share a knowledge of trick-or-treating, so what? As with many other things about Canada, we can teach them about it and they can then make an informed decision as to whether they will participate.


  1. You should read up on the history of Christians attacking Halloween before you leap aboard Menzies latest culture war idiocy.

  2. The only people shocked and offended by Halloween are Rosedale leftists, who in their guilt try to latch on to any scheme that will help them molify their angst at being white and of the 'oppressor' class..

    No doubt they support Unicef though, it must conflict them..