Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin’s family makeover costs US$150,000

Associated Press today reported that:

The Republican National Committee spent about US$150,000 on clothing, hair styling, makeup and other “campaign accessories” in September for the McCain campaign after Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin joined the ticket as his running mate.

Wow, the Ms. Joe Six-pack wannabe sure knows how to spend. US Department of Labor statistics show that the average American household spends US$1,874 a year on apparel and services. At this rate the real Joe Six-pack’s family would take 80 years to spend what Ms. Palin has spent in just a couple of months.

A spokeswoman for the Republican vice-presidential candidate says the campaign will donate to charity some $150,000 in clothing and accessories the Republican National Committee has purchased for the Alaska governor.

And, of course, these are just the sort of “clothing and accessories” the average family who depends on charity will find useful and practical.

Yep, just ordinary folks who have come to Washington to end greed and corruption. God help America.


  1. Get a grip.

    I am no apologist for largesse and waste, but this kind of story does not deserve the light of day. It's just one more attempt by the liberal media to take the McCain/Palin and by proxy the Republican Party down a peg, without offering a nickel of contrast to what the Democrats spend on outfitting their star candidates.

    I have yet to see an expose on how much Hillary has spent at Saks 5th Avenue since running for Senate in New York. Or how much she spend to be kitted out to run ofr President but I'll bet it was more than the GOP spent on Palin.

    And as for Mr. Shiny himself, I wonder how much Obama paid for all his suits. Menswear is traditionally cheaper than women's wear, but something tells me he isn't wearing Sears.

  2. Frankly, even if Ms. Clinton were to spent $300,000 on her campaign wardrobe, it would still be wrong for Mrs. Hockey Mom, Sarah Palin, to spend $150,000 GOP members’ hard-earned money.

    Ms. Clinton would be wrong and Ms. Palin is wrong.

  3. She didn't spend it. The GOP spent it. They are trying to ensure their candidate dresses to look like someone in leadership in America. That means she has to dress like "a million bucks".

    She ain't getting elected in Wal-Marts fall collection. And they know it.

    Again, it is slagging Palin specifically for a "crime" that every last politician in America is guilty of. Selective targetting is wrong.

    Condemn the system that makes them spend it if you want, but be fair and admit that all have fallen short on this file.

  4. "She didn't spend it." Are you serious, Shane? How does that even matter?

    Palin framed herself as a "hockey mom" for goodness sake.

    Be reasonable, $150,000 cannot be justified just by saying it's OK because "she has to dress like 'a million bucks'."

    And you contention that "all have fallen short on this file."? Show me real proof, not careless speculation.