Thursday, October 23, 2008

More whining from Elizabeth May

Leader of the Green Party Elizabeth May is at it again: whining and complaining about the recent federal election. We are getting used to these pathetic attempts to grab some media attention.

The National Post is reporting this morning that:

“Green Leader Elizabeth May urged the government Wednesday to repeal voting rules that she said kept Canadians away ‘in droves’ from casting ballots in the federal election because they didn't have the required photo ID. …

“‘This is a scandal in our country and we must address it,’ said Ms. May, who blamed the new rules for contributing to a record-low turnout in the Oct. 14 election.”

As usual Ms. May is making misleading statements. To vote in federal elections, one must be a Canadian citizen at least 18 years of age and must be able to prove one’s identity and address. What in the world is wrong with that?

Here are the rules from the Elections Canada Web site for proving identity:

Option 1

Provide one original piece of identification issued by a government or government agency containing your photo, name and address.

Option 2

Provide two original pieces of identification authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Both pieces must contain your name, and one must also contain your address.

Option 3

You can be vouched for by an elector whose name appears on the list of electors in the same polling division and who has an acceptable piece or pieces of identification. Both will be required to make a sworn statement. An elector cannot vouch for more than one person, and the person who has been vouched for cannot vouch for another elector.

These rules are reasonable and fair and should not prevent a single eligible Canadian from voting, and to suggest they keep Canadians away “in droves” from casting ballots is being mischievous or disingenuous.

The only “scandal” here is Ms. May’s whining and blaming everything on everyone except her own poor performance, and that of her Green Party, at the polls.

Not a single member elected in over 25 years and she finds herself and her single-issue party faultless. Pathetic.


  1. Shes not worth the paper the story is written on. Obviously, voters showed her that.

  2. We have been able to posit that Ms. May, even though she failed to get even one seat in the election, has stuck to her guns on Global Warming and individual carbon footprints.

    Having said this, we have concluded that Hippy Lizzy, like all good enviro nuts would be horrified at the thought of actually taking up a piece of Canada after she dies.

    The conclusion is, that she will likely be cremated, and/or mulched, which is unlikely.

    We have been able to conclude that the carbon footprint of cremating her, would be roughly the same as operating the Alberta Tar Sands for 3.25 years at full production.

    Isn’t junk science wonderful.

  3. I have news for Dizzy Lizzy. As a conservative, and one of the 41% who did not vote in this election, I would have maybe voted green except for you. I will not vote for a party that has a loud mouthed, ingnorant, rude, whining bimbo in it. Never mind as its so called leader. Lack of ID had nothing to do with it.