Monday, October 6, 2008

More pandering by Layton

In an effort to pander to the estimated one million Indians in Canada, Jack Layton has implied that , if elected, he would promote the use of the Punjab language in Canada. Here are some Layton quotes from Overseas Indian Web site:

"We are aware of the growing number of Punjabi-speaking Canadians and appreciate their rich legacy to Canadian history. We are committed to having their valuable contribution recognized by Canada.

"This includes ensuring services in Punjabi, recognizing it as being the fourth most spoken language in Canada. Already, we have seen some cities and municipalities putting up street signs and store signs in Punjabi."

Even in India the importance of a common language is recognized, and English plays that role there. Yet here in Canada, people like Layton want to fracture our society even further than it already is by promoting more use of minority languages.

We already have two official languages and several others spoken by our indigenous people. That's enough for any country. And the fact that some communities already have signs in other languages is not sufficient reason to begin to emphasize and expand this practice.

Canadian culture is being buried under the weight of a plethora of languages and practices from around the world in what we have dubbed, multiculturalism. In this way, we fracture and divide our communities and create language barriers between them.

No more common cause. No more loyalty to a common purpose. No more Canada.

We need a strong, united Canada, not a patchwork of divided loyalties held together by political correctness.

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  1. It is rather strange that while Jack Layton is so hell bent on recognizing minority languages I don't see him promoting Ukrainian or Italian or Chinese speaking people. All these ethnic groups were here long before the majority of the folks from south Asia and I am sure that each represents a larger segment of the population than do punjabi speakers. This is not to denigrate punjabi speaking people in any way; it is simply a comment on the methods used by the left as they continue to berate the Conservatives for playing one segment of the population against another. Hypocricy is still the name of the socialist game.