Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mike Wallace wins Burlington riding

Conservative incumbent Mike Wallace won handily in my local riding of Burlington, Ontario. Mr. Wallace beat out Liberal Paddy Torsney by almost 9,000 votes more than tripling his 2006 margin of victory.

This is a double loss for Ms. Torsney: a sharp rebuke from voters in her own riding and rejection of her political mentor, Stéphane Dion, by Canadian voters.

When all is said and done, this result tells me Burlington voters want representatives who have a Burlington-first attitude in Ottawa. They had that with the late Bill Kempling, and now again with Mike Wallace.

Ms. Torsney, it seemed to me, had a me-first attitude as she tried to further her personal political ambitions on the national and international stage. Burlington was only a means to some other personal political end.

2008 Federal election (preliminary) results:

Mike Wallace, Conservative, 28,469 votes, 48.4%
Paddy Torsney, Liberal, 19,524 votes, 33.2%
David Laird, NDP, 6,600 votes, 11.2%
Marnie Mellish, Green, 4,170 votes, 7.1%

2006 Federal election results:

Mike Wallace, Conservative, 28,030 votes, 43.1%
Paddy Torsney, Liberal, 25,431 votes, 39.1%
David Laird, NDP, 8,090 votes, 12.4%
Rick Goldring, Green, 3,471 votes, 5.3%

Congratulations, Mike!

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