Thursday, October 9, 2008

May endorses strategic voting

The Green Party leader is endorsing the idea that, in ridings with close races, Green supporters should abandon their own candidate and cast a vote for another party—so long as it isn’t Conservative.

Apparently, May despises the prime minister to such an extent that she’ll sacrifice her own party’s chances to help Stéphane Dion become prime minister.

Last night on CBC TV, Peter Mansbridge asked Dion repeatedly if there will be a place for Elizabeth May in his government, should he win the election. Dion dodged the questions and refused to say there would not be.

I predict that May will deliver an all-out endorsement of Mr. Dion's Liberals before October 14.

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  1. Dizzy Lizzy's endorsement of Dion should forever seal shut the debate about whether we should have two Liberal leaders in a federal debate for all time.