Tuesday, October 21, 2008

May: Electoral system “dysfunctional”

Green Party leader Elizabeth May is whining again. This time she is bleating about our first-past-the-post system for electing MPs, which Ms. May describes as being “dysfunctional.” Her scheme is to use a form of proportional representation to elect candidates.

The Green Party could not get a single candidate elected after more than 25 years of trying, and so Ms. May wants to change the system to one that would guarantee seats for her party in the House of Commons.

I have no time for proportional representation, which would see MPs elected who could not win an electoral district. And, when asked the question in British Columbia and Ontario, voters rejected the proposal. Now let's move on, please.


  1. BC was just shy of the 60% threshold for approval and all electoral districts voted in favor save one. Another referendum will be held in May 2009. BC-STV has electoral districts and no party lists or appointments unlike the system proposed in Ontario. I will be voting in favor of BC-STV.

  2. Apparently, it is Ms. May who is dysfunctional, not the electoral system. This is obvious to everybody except Ms. May.

  3. If she is still the Green leader then she was correct. Some Canadians are stupid.