Tuesday, October 7, 2008

May confirms her support for Dion as prime minister

In an all-candidates debate in Antigonish, N.S., Monday night that featured Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and Conservative Peter MacKay, May confirmed her support of Stéphane Dion for prime minister.

May said she believes Canadians and the environment would be best served with Dion at the helm and "enough Greens and NDPers to keep them all honest in Ottawa."

It's hard to figure out what May's political objective is. On the one hand she runs candidates across Canada and siphons votes away from Grits; on the other hand she praises Dion to the media and tells voters in her own riding that he'll make the best prime minister.

With all the talk we hear these days about hidden agendas, could May be hiding her own post-election plan? My bet is that—unless the Greens do extraordinarily well on October 14—we can expect to see May join the Liberal Party before the next election after that one.

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  1. Which makes me wonder why she was allowed into the leadership debate in the first place.

    She was just a surrogate for Dion.