Monday, October 6, 2008

Liberal Paddy Torsney: the vanishing Carbon Tax

I received Liberal candidate for Burlington, Ontario, Paddy Torsney's Get Your Voice Back campaign brochure in my mailbox today. As slick a bit of intellectual dishonesty as you're ever likely to find.

To begin with, it features a seven-line quotation from Garth Turner whining about his days as a Conservative MP. Turner, of course, ran as a Conservative in 2006, and when he was kicked out of that party, he flirted briefly with the Green Party before joining the Grits' caucus.

On her cover page Ms. Torsney describes herself as "A trusted voice…" then in the second paragraph of the brochure uses a quotation from Turner? Go figure. Does Garth Turner have any integrity left after that fiasco he had with CPAC earlier in his campaign? (You can follow that sordid story here.)

The next big thing I noticed was no Green Shift aka Carbon Tax.

You must remember the Green Shift. At the start of the campaign it was the central plank in the Liberal platform. Then Stéphane Dion (his little nose growing as he said it) claimed the media, not him, had made the carbon tax plan his central plank. Then when his platform was released, there the Green Shift/Carbon Tax was at the centre of the platform.

Paddy Torsney, however, seems to have forgotten to include The Carbon Tax in her brochure. Wow, talk about a hidden agenda!

The final page of Ms Torsney's brochure is filled with list after list of expensive promises, billion of dollars of them, and not a single word that I could find about how they will be funded.

Even under the heading "Building a Greener Canada" I could not find a single mention of the $40 billion Carbon Tax the Liberals have in store for us Canadians. A $40 billion hidden agenda folks.

Elizabeth May said Canadians are stupid. Apparently, Paddy Torsney agrees with her.

And all this from a self-described "trusted voice?"

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