Thursday, October 2, 2008

Leaders debate

Apparently the English language leaders' debate tonight will have the same format as the one in French. Too bad.

A five-member debate is unwieldy at the best of times, but such is the state of Canadian politics that we never get to hear the only two candidates, with any real chance of becoming prime minister, face off against one another without the distractions of the non-players.

In these sorts of debates, the opposition gets 80 per cent of the time to bash the government, and the government gets 20 per cent of the time to defend its record and new platform.

How well does that serve our country?

Now some say this is how democracy works. I say this is one of the times democracy does not work and political correctness triumphs.

To seem to be fair, we give equal time to:

  1. The separatist Bloc Quebecois: a party that wants to break up Canada
  2. The Greens: a party that has never had a single member elected and whose leader champions another party's leader
  3. The NDP: a party that, in its long history, has never even been the official opposition.

I don't get it.


  1. I would have loved to see a Dion/Harper debate, one-on-one.

  2. According to the globe and mail Dion won last night hands down, and apparently 20% of those polled are going to change how they will vote. Whatever. G&M BIAS. The debate last night meant nothing. A french debate in this country is needed because a Liberal long ago decided to push his own heritage down the throat of Canada, and has hindered it from that day forward. The percentage of french speaking people outside of Quebec in Canada is negligible, so who cares really? Tonights debate is what will matter, and tonights debate will be what the country is watching, and what the rest of the world will be watching, if they are interested. Tonight we will see the demise of the Liberal party, and the Leader of the next Majority Government show the world what a PM should be. Thats not partisan, thats reality.

  3. It makes the choice crystal clear, PMSH and the Conservatives or one of the other guys.

    I'm rooting for Lizzy to steal Lib votes in English Cananda. Just enough to mess up the Libs, but not enough to win a seat.