Friday, October 3, 2008

Leaders debate: Layton's best shot

In one of the few times that he was not attacking the prime minister, Jack Layton left Stéphane Dion visible shaken with his charge that Dion had 43 chances to vote against the Conservative government and backed away each time.

"If you can't do the job of a leader of the opposition, I don't know why you are running to be prime minister," Layton said.

Incredibly, in the past two and a half years Dion passed up each and every opportunity he had to put his principles ahead of his party's fortunes and vote down the Stephen Harper government. This despite threatening to do so several times starting on the night he was selected leader of his party.

As to Jack Layton, last night Gilles Duceppe said it best:

"I know I won't be prime minister. And three of you [Dion, Layton, May] won't be prime minister, either. Some of you know it, but you don't say it."


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