Saturday, October 4, 2008

Layton: not really interested in being leader of the official opposition

In Montreal yesterday, Jack Layton insisted he's shooting for the prime minister's job, rather than second place. He said he's "not really interested" in becoming leader of the official opposition.

Wow, and I bet he said that with a straight face. No wonder voters have become so cynical about the truthfulness of our political leaders.

The truth is, becoming leader of the opposition would be a dream come true for the leader of the perennial third- or fourth-place party.

Layton's NDP now holds 30 seats, about 10 per cent of parliament. The NDP would have to win 50-plus seats on October 14 to be the official Opposition. And even that might not be good enough.

Yet, stubbornly and unrealistically Layton is telling Canadians that he is running for prime minister. If he is prepared to lie in such a childish way, what else is he telling the Canadian people that they should not take at face value? A whole lot, I'll bet.


  1. He asked if PMSH was incompetent. That in itself quite a statement considering all the current administration has done, and tried to do. And for him to say that proves 2 things. First, he is the one out of touch with Canadians. And second, not being interested in anything the public decides and just what he wants proves he does not deserve to be Leader of my country.

  2. Did anyone hear the economist on late MDL yesterday vilifying the NDP plank as being the WORST thing that could happen to the economy right now and vilifying Jack Layton as being in la la land. I bet the NDP war room just cringed at that.