Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Layton looses campaign, but gains seats

NDP leader Jack Layton lost his bid to be Canada’s next prime minister.

The self-styled straight-talker set the bar impossibly high for himself when he got carried away with his own self importance and tried to kid Canadians into believing his goal was the top job. In return, over 80 per cent of voters, again, gave Layton the status-free position of leader of parliament’s fourth and last opposition party.

Layton has been NDP leader since 2003 and has contested three elections as leader. He lost each of these elections, failing even to gain support from one in five voters. The job as leader of the official opposition was wide open in this election, but Layton was not up to the job.

For some time now, Layton has been claiming to be the “real” official opposition. But Canadian voters—over 80 per cent of them—has told Layton he is no such thing. His is just another fourth-ranked party who gained a few seats.

Prime minister indeed, what a joke!

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  1. Pretty much.
    And, if the NDP weren't so in love with him, they'd wake up and give the man the boot.