Thursday, October 9, 2008

Layton crosses the line with scare tactics

In Edmonton yesterday, NDP leader Jack Layton made some of the most irresponsible assertions every made by a major political leader.

Incredibly, Layton is reported to have asserted:

"Pensions are at risk, your savings are at risk, even your mortgages and housing are at risk and your jobs are risk. And everybody knows it and we all can feel it."

Layton offered not one iota of hard evidence, instead he substituted "…we can all feel it." Is he claiming some sort of second sight?

Of course, Layton hopes the unfortunate events occurring in other countries will slop over into the Canadian economy so he can get some votes out of it. The person has no shame.

This is propaganda of the worst kind, the sort that was practiced in totalitarian states such as the former Soviet Union. And the really sad fact is that it has a record of being effective.

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  1. Layton, like Dion are just playing on people fears....It's not only sad, but it's extremely dangerous.

    I wonder how of much of the TSX's volatility is a direct result of their fear mongering