Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is May blaming the media for Dion’s defeat?

Here is a quotation from a Globe and Mail article:

“He’s [Dion] been treated shabbily. I think replaying re-asked questions in a second language over the national media is despicable,” she said. “I think people need to look to their own behaviour and say ‘How much did media attempt to manipulate this election so that a very good person might not win?’”

The Globe and Mail is purportedly quoting Ms. May’s words, which come close to slandering CTV by accusing them of attempting “to manipulate this election so that a very good person might not win.” That’s stretching the facts some, isn’t it?

Ms. May also is crowing that her 32 per cent of the vote in Central Nova is a new record for Greens. What this devious woman does not mention is that the second most popular party in Canada did not run a candidate against her and that she received an endorsement from that party’s leader.

Quite shameful actually.


  1. What else could you expect from this self centered toad?

    Blame everyone else, and brag about her failures

  2. Three kicks at the can & then Dion screws up worse than " George Bush" ever did and thats unfair!Heck kudos to CTV and show us more out takes.
    As for may,her credibility is now zero!Go away.

  3. But it obviously sat well with that deluded woman that all the other candidates were constanlty under scrutiny and their gaffes were played over and over and over. Fair play is obviously not on this person's radar. What in heaven's name does this mean, 'people need to look to their own behaviour and say "How ....etc. Yeah okay I look at my behaviour but what does that if anything have to do with what the CTV network may or may not have done???? Just can't seem to get my head around the sentences this person constructs.

    Did you really expect that she would for once, tell the TRUTH. She had her poor supporters and candidates so mixed up about strategic voting that they had no idea (along with the rest of us) where she stood on voting for the Liberals. The Green party needs to dump her faster than spoiled meat.

  4. I think she's had her fifteen minutes.