Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Harper releases platform

Prime Minister Harper today released his party's campaign platform. Fortunately, this platform differs immensely from the pie-in-the-sky Liberal platform.

The first thing you'll notice is the absence of new tax experiments. In fact, there's no hint of the tax and spend philosophy so pervasive in the Liberal platform.

Here's a quote from the prime minister speech to the Canadian Club after releasing his platform:

"Prudent leadership does not set economic strategy for the nightly news or rewrite plans for the morning papers. …

"As the saying goes, it wasn't raining when Noah built the ark. Which is why when the rain came, Noah didn't need to panic and he didn't switch boats."

The Liberals have already "switched boats." They have jettisoned the good ship "Green Shift" for a plan to make a plan within 30 days of getting into office.

Trust us, they say. Remember the last time Canadians trusted the Liberals? You should. They took us for several million dollars in the worst political scandal in our history.

And what about the gun registry? That Liberal project, which was meant to cost approximately $119 million, ended up costing over $3 billion to implement.

Financial mismanagement and misuse of government funds cost the Liberal government its credibility to the point that they were voted out of office. The party's leader has changed, but most of their players were there in the bad old days, including the present leader who was a cabinet minister in the old Liberal government.

You can read the official platform document here, rather than reading the main stream media's filtered view of the plan.

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