Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harper paying the price for being a good economic manager

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is now paying the political price for having been a good manager of the economy over the past couple of years.

Having laid the groundwork that would help Canada weather the financial storm that has been gathering for several months now, there is little more the prime minister can or needs to do at this time. It's steady as she goes for the good ship Canada, not the hard-to-port, hard-to-starboard zigzag that Stéphane Dion and his Liberals are proposing.

It seems that the Liberal platform was hardly announced before we heard that the real plan would not be available until 30 days after the election. In the mean time, Dion's strategy seems to be to spread fear and confusion in the hope he can frighten Canadians into voting for him.

Dion says that he needs 30 days to get up to speed on the situation. Incredible, since the sub-prime mortgage crisis has been developing since at least 2007. Does Canada really have time for this sort of on the job training during a time when the world's financial markets are in crisis?

We now have the ludicrous situation of Dion proposing a $40 billion carbon tax when many economies around the world face the prospects of a recession.

Perhaps we should not be so surprised. Of the three top Liberals, two are former university professors and one is a former socialist premier of Ontario with the worst economic record in Ontario's history. Hardly the sort of team you'd pick to lead you through rough economic times.

Doesn't it occur to these academics that if they continue to spread fear, the population at large might begin to believe the fear mongering and themselves begin to panic unnecessarily? If that were to happen, then God help us all.

Or is this what they want? Are they really prepared to do anything to gain power?

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