Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ghosts of elections past

With less than two weeks left before we head to the polls on October 14, we can see a familiar pattern emerging.

With their party platform pretty much in shambles, the Liberals revert to form: unrelenting personal attacks on their main rival and last minute quick-fix ideas—never before appearing in their platform—thrown out to grab some headlines.

The Liberals are desperate to control as many news cycles as they can to give less time for journalists to examine and report in detail on Stéphane Dion's failed platform.

And it all has a familiar ring. In 2006, when it became clear that the Liberals were slipping in the polls, and that Paul Martin was losing support within his own party, we saw a step-up of fear mongering and personal attacks on Stephen Harper. Stéphane Dion now faces exactly the same situation. So, in a desperate attempt to right his listing Liberal ship, he grasps at Martin's failed tactics.

I think we Canadians deserve better than this.

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