Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Former Hell’s Angels girlfriend plans tell-all book

Apparently, Julie Couillard, a one-time girlfriend of former foreign minister, Maxime Bernier, plans to release a tell-all book next Monday—perfect timing, don’t you think.

Allegedly, in this book Ms Couillard recalls how her ex-boyfriend would bad-mouth prime minister Stephen Harper, making jokes about his girth, his eating habits and his love for Pepsi Cola.

Shocking stuff that! Imagine a woman who once lived in the home of two former Hells Angels gang members has decided to make money off pillow talk from a failed love affair.

Yet, you know the Stéphane Dion Liberals will line up to get a proverbial peak into the bedroom of this former cabinet minister. Perhaps they’ll catch a glimpse under the sheets.

Bad luck to them all.


  1. Didn't she release it today?

    Full of tell all's about PM Harper's penchant for snacking?

  2. I guess the newsreport I heard that it was out was wrong. Can't believe anything you hear these days!!!