Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Elizabeth May flops

Elizabeth May and the Greens have been rejected, again, by over 93 per cent of Canadian voters. For May, this was her second defeat personally at the polls despite being endorsed this time by Stéphane Dion.

For the Green Party, this was yet another in long string of rejections by Canadian voters since they were founded 25 years ago. Not a single member of that party has ever been elected.

Never in the history of our nation has so much favourable free publicity been given to a political party and its leader, with no tangible result at the polls.

The MSM has tried its best to force feed Canadians with millions of words praising Ms. May. They even suspended their collective common sense long enough to launch a concerted campaign to give her an unearned seat at the televised leaders’ debate.

But voters, sensibly, weren’t buying any of it.

Even so, Ms. May, like her Liberal mentor Stéphane Dion, seems inclined to hang on stubbornly to her leadership position. She’s like that old auntie who shows up on your doorstep one morning, moves in and tries to tell you how to run your house, and won’t leave when told she is not wanted.

Of course, her party membership might well remember how she abandoned them for a chance to help Stéphane Dion become prime minister.


  1. I have always felt that the greenies were simply an ofshoot of the liberals, a sort of granola liberal.

    I suspect that very soon Dion is going to bring May a libby red shirt and have her as his enviroment critic

  2. She should be considered a Liberal in the loss column.