Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dion’s gaffe on CTV

Last Thursday, CTV’s Atlantic interviewer Steve Murphy asked Stéphane Dion: “If you were prime minister now, what would you have done about the economy and this crisis that Mr. Harper has not done?”

After Mr. Dion stumbled and bumbled for several minutes and asked to restart the interview twice because he did not understand the question, the interview continued without further incident.

Initially the station agreed not to broadcast the false starts, but then later changed its mind. The interviewer explained to viewers that “on reflection, CTV news believes we owe it to you to show you everything.”

Later, Mr. Dion was asked about the interview. The Liberal leader said he found it “difficult to understand” the question. “I wasn't sure about the time.”

Yesterday in Burlington, Mr. Dion made light of his gaffe.

“Ask me what I would have done if I was prime minister two and a half years ago,” he said.

He said his government would have retained the $3-billion contingency fund, invested in research and development, in universities, in students, energy efficiency, the manufacturing sector and made “the right” tax cuts. “If the question comes, that's what I would have answered,” he said.

Some of Mr. Dion’s supporters have said that his hearing is impaired, others have repeatedly said how well he functions in parliamentary committees. Which is it? Does he suffer from impaired hearing or not? And if indeed his hearing is impaired, why hasn’t he done something about it by now?

And as for the Liberals chastising the prime minister for making disparaging remarks about the interview, give me a break. This campaign has been filled with personal attacks on Stephen Harper. He has been demonized by the opposition. It has been open season on the man, and with no boundaries of good taste, and by many who hardly even know the prime minister personally.

Yet Stéphane Dion makes a gaffe on TV and then whines when he’s ridiculed for it—pathetic little man that he is.

This episode clearly demonstrates that despite whatever other virtues Mr. Dion might possess, he does not have what it takes to be prime minister of a predominantly English speaking country.


  1. That's not fair. Do you think it's easy to answer questions?


  2. That's not fair. Do you think it's easy to answer questions.


  3. Hi Russ: To say that after the three false starts, "the interview proceeded without incident" isn't quite true. It is what Dion said AFTER he finally got going that was highlighted by Mike Duffy as being almost incomprehensible, and about which Geoff Regan made such an embarassingly awkward attempt at defending him. Watch the Duffy segment and see if you can still say "the interview proceeded without incident". Cheers, Allan.

  4. PMSH is suing the Liberals for defamation.
    What's that say about Liberals?