Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dion’s days as Liberal leader numbered

Several published reports, including this one, tell us Stéphane Dion is finished as Liberal Party leader. Some even suggest that leadership rival Michael Ignatieff was already preparing a run at the party’s top job.

With only a small power base within the party and after leading the Grits to their second worst defeat ever, it is difficult to see how Dion can convince enough supporters to back him at the automatic leadership review next May.

Mind you, Dion is a petty little man with a stubborn streak. During the campaign, he pledged that he would “never quit” and would “stay for my country.” Such people often are prone to being self-destructive. He’s likely to fight to stay on and tear the Liberal Party to pieces in the process.

Of course, the Liberal Party has financial problems and this could slow down the rush to show Dion the door.

How about newly-elected MP Justin Trudeau for the next leader?

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  1. I'm not surprised by the win of Justin Trudeau.In fact I will not be surprised if he will be in the next Liberal leadership race.I know people who still vote Libereal for no other reason than their " love affair" with Pierre.For some reason this guy could do no wrong."The Canadian people were stripped of the one and only absolutely benign and dependable system for the protection of individual freedom in the world – the British common law. In its place Trudeau gave to the people the French kind of constitution, which submits the interpretation of a set of enumerated individual rights to the pleasure of a group of judges who are unelected and who are accountable to no one. Furthermore, this colossal constitutional change was implemented without consulting the citizens by referendum, as they rightly should have been consulted. It was a robbery of precious rights, and the people cherish Pierre Elliott Trudeau for being the robber. Some things truly are beyond human understanding!"(Author: George Irbe)

    Trudeaumania is just waiting for a time like this to raise it's ugly head.