Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bob Rae is trying to tell Halifax voters how to vote

Rob Rae flew all the way to Halifax to lecture voters on who to vote for. Here's a quote from The Chronicle Herald:

"And that’s the reason why it’s time for those people who may have gone over to (the) Greens and may have gone over to the New Democratic Party in the past; I am asking them to come home to the Liberal Party."

This from a man who as premier of Ontario almost ruined that province's economy in an inept attempt to govern for one term. The voters tossed out his government at the first opportunity they got, so Rae switched parties and now wants to practice his wrong-headed policies at the federal level.

From what I've read, he is not fooling anyone. New Democrat Megan Leslie, who is running in Halifax, seems to have his number too.

"It’s a pretty big show of desperation on the part of the Liberals to be sending Bob Rae down here to tell us how to vote," Ms. Leslie said. "Maybe after being told by Stéphane Dion 43 times not to vote in the House of Commons, Bob Rae’s out here trying to feel useful."

For years, Bob Rae pleaded with Canadians to vote NDP. Now he's pleading with us to vote Liberal. Come on Bob, which is it? Stop trying to confuse us.

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