Monday, October 27, 2008

The 2000-version of McCain defends progressive tax system

The 2000-version of Senator John McCain defends the progressive tax system in the following video. In 2008 he and Gov. Sarah Palin have slammed the progressive tax system as economic socialism. Ms. Palin in a recent speech even suggested it leads to communism and might create a country "where the people are not free."

The 2000-version of Mr. McCain was worthy of support and, for me, was clearly a better choice for president than George W. Bush. That was the steadfast, fair, straight-talking, maverick, man-of-the-people candidate, and a refreshing contrast to the extremism and cowboy politics of the Bush administration.

Just watch and listen to him in the video and recall how impressive he was back then. Where did that John McCain go? He would have been a perfect choice in 2008 for a small "c" conservative like me.

But Mr. McCain underwent a significant change—by 2008 he seems to have sold out to the most extreme and unattractive elements of the GOP. Too bad, for America is the looser.

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