Saturday, September 20, 2008

Your joke of the day at Jack's expense


Jack Layton gets tough on crime. Yes, Jack wants to crack down on crime, announcing a new multimillion-dollar plan Saturday to crack down on gangs and gun violence.

Does any Canadian take Jack seriously when he speaks about cracking down on crime? How many months in office would it take, do you think, before that promise would be ditched.

What's the point of having more police officers on the streets if we had a party in power with the NDP's past track record? And Jack's new group's no better. Read on.

The Ottawa Citizen reports that Jack's announcement:

"The announcement follows the resignation of a second NDP candidate in Vancouver over embarrassing video images of his marijuana use.

The two candidates were associated with a B.C. Marijuana party activist, Marc Emery, featured with Layton in videos posted on POT TV and

In a 15-minute video interview with Emery from 2003, Layton makes an appeal to POT TV viewers to "join the party" and support the NDP because he believes people should be allowed to smoke marijuana in the comfort of their own homes or in cafes without being considered criminals."

Bizarre isn't it?


  1. And today he says he doesn't support the party of pot heads, snorting cemical cochaine. WE ALL SAW THE LIER ON U-TUBE. The same guy who is fighting for the POOR, who stayed in geared to income housing, when he & Olivia were collecting BIG city councillor pay cheques as TORONTO city councillors. Also campaigning for Public health care(when he used a PRIVATE CLINIC himself). Now he is giving Canadians everything except the "KITCHEN TABLE"LOL being paid for by money that is going to grow on the green TREES? Think it's time to check his resume for Prime Minister. He doesn't qualify, unless you are a STUPID Canadian , as Lizzy Mae says we are.

  2. Puff the Magic Dragon ... Layton is all smoke and mirrors.

  3. Taliban Jack would put more police officers on the streets and crack down on gangs. Why? With the track record of the NDP on penalties for criminals this would only mean more of a revolving door at the courthouses. You notice he says nothing about stiffer sentencing for the ones who get caught.