Saturday, September 13, 2008

Vote NDP to say ‘no’ to Harper? What the…?

Does anyone else think it's pathetic for a politician—who claims to be running for the prime minister's job [yes, I'm laughing too]—to be out there begging people to help him by voting against someone else, instead of putting forward his own polices in a straight forward manner so that they can be weighed against those of his opponents.

Apparently, this is what Jack Layton was doing earlier today in Toronto. (See full story here.)


  1. The people Layton is courting were never going to vote for Harper anyway, so this is actually good for us. The things Jack is talking about are resonating with the soft-liberal voter (consumer protection etc.)
    I think Dion should be scared and that we should just leave Jack alone to do his stuff.

  2. You silly blogging tory. Jack has announced the parties green collar job strategy, he has announced the cap and trade policy to reduce our ghg emissions, he has announced our consumer protection policy.

    He has put forward the ideas that will appeal to roughly 70% of Canadians. I grant you that there is a conservative base but as much as Harper would like to believe that Canada has become more conservative in the 2 years he has been in power that simply isn't the case.

    He himself acknowledges that Canada is less conservative that members of his own caucus (and I would imagine less conservative than he).

  3. It's foolish in this political climate for any party to believe they have a solid base. Both the Conservatives and the Liberals have veered too far left in the past few elections for the comfort level of their 'base'.

    That's where Jack comes in. He's moderating some and appealing more to liberals who see the Liberal Party has no vision.

    While you are correct, patricia, that there are some people who would never in their wildest dreams vote conservative, there are even more who have seen the NDP as socialist and therefore scary and who would never have considered voting for them. Contrary to popular belief, many of these people are not hardcore conservative, instead they are left leaning voters who have always viewed the NDP as an arm of the unions and who believe unions already have too much power. They were previously inclined to see Jack Layton as a Torontocentric jerk with a hard left social agenda. Most of the NDP social agenda has already been implemented, courtesy of the Liberals, so people who might not have voted NDP because of social issues don't have to worry about it anymore -- it's done. So, when it comes right down to it, the voters Jack is wooing are, as I suggested, soft liberals. They are people who would never have voted conservative anyway, and who are inclined to be won over by the new fuzzy talk because the Liberals just don't seem to have a message.

    The truth is, patricia, Canada has not become more conservative over these past two years. Instead, we've drawn back to the centre, which, in terms of linear movement, is a shift to the right.