Saturday, September 13, 2008

Promises and broken promises Tory style

The Conservatives promised in 2004 to limit the GST collected on gasoline once prices exceeded 85 cents per litre. What happened?

harper Well, following the election in 2006, Prime Minister Harper said that that was two elections ago, and added that that promise has been supplanted by the general one-point GST cut included in the Tories' first budget. However, Harper also conceded his GST cut would only make a marginal difference to Canadian motorists.

Yesterday, as reported by the Toronto Star, when asked whether he thought soaring costs at the pump were price gouging, Harper responded, “It certainly appears that way to me.

“I've learned not to make policy on a day-to-day basis,” he said. “We will be making some announcements on this issue a little later.”

Certainly coming out with a sound, made-in-Canada, policy on retail gasoline, which has been an important issue since 2004, could not be considered as making “policy on a day-to-day basis.”

Elizabeth May accused Canadians as being stupid, does Mr. Harper share her view? Sometime I wonder.

If the prime minister has something to say on gasoline pricing, we want to hear about it now, not “a little later.” And let's hope that, if he makes another promise on this issue, he will keep that promise—unlike in 2004.

I am a Conservative supporter, but I am also a Canadian citizen who is fed up with politicians saying one thing and doing another!


  1. What happened?

    What happened in 2004 is that Mr Harper lost the election.

    Canadians rejected his vision and plan.

    You can't go back to the past and cherry pick individual items because that breaks the new plan.

    If he presents a new plan which is going to be balanced and fiscally responsible you can't expect the man to start giving you more goodies without taking something else back.

  2. I think gas pricing is an issue that affects every Canadian, and the fact politicians have been silent for so long speaks volumes. Yes, we are being gouged, but not only by the oil companies. The provincial and federal governments are complicit in their gouging, and even active where it pertains to the B.C. carbon tax.

    Harper has promised to cut excise taxes on diesel, which is a start. But the fact is that the government has made a killing on federal revenues in gasoline increases. GST is calculated as a percentage of the total, and as the per litre costs of fuel stay high, the government robs their own citizens of that hard earned cash.

    Yes, Harper should do something to address this inequity, and then deal with the collusion.

  3. PM Harper doen't own a gas station for gods sake.He doesn't own a gas company either.He is doing more than any Liberal government ever did regarding gas prices and he will do more.Dont start blackballing the guy during an election like williams and Mcguinty and a few other premiers are doing.Its outstanding what the man has accomplished in 2 and a half years.So lets cut him some slack for a change and let him catch his breath.It is unfair to keep dumping on him every little problem that we can think of.He has a family and he has a party to look after during this election.And with the 4 leaders of the opposition and the MSM all picking on him,the least you could do is support him and be thankful for what he has accomplisdhed