Saturday, September 27, 2008

Presidential Debate: Where was Sarah Palin?

Last night we saw as tight and as hard-fought a presidential debate as we've seen in several years. Both candidates acquitted themselves well enough to each claim victory, which to most means a tie.

Right after the debate—and probably in the “spin” room with the media during the debate—vice-presidential candidate Senator Joe Biden and other party spokespersons from Democrat and Republican campaign teams were front and centre reinforcing the notion that their candidate and been the clear victor.

Biden seemed to be on every channel I turned to, putting a positive spin on Senator Barack Obama’s performance and downplaying Senator John McCain’s.

“I think John was on his strongest turf today and he lost,” Biden told CNN's Wolf Blitzer. “And I think it’s gonna be fatal.”

Pretty well the sort of thing you'd expect. Except for one thing: Gov. Sarah Palin was nowhere to be seen. Quite extraordinary.

I thought she was missed, not just by the media, but more importantly, by the undecided voters—the folks that both candidates need to sway.

After a couple of shaky performances earlier in the week, perhaps Palin needed a time-out. Apparently, she attended a debate party instead of showing up and being the lead member of the team supporting McCain.

Her absence could not have helped John McCain.

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