Monday, September 29, 2008

The Pollyanna world of the NDP

The world stands at the edge of economic disaster, major banks around the world are failing or being nationalized daily, stock markets are showing increasing signs of a meltdown, and what is the Jack Layton NDP Party's reaction?

Well, actually, other than blaming Stephen Harper for everything they can think of, not much really.

In Jack Layton's Pollyanna world, Canada is ripe for socialism and one of the wildest tax and spend sprees in our history. But do not worry, we are assured, the tax will come from businesses. And we all know that businesses have an unlimited supply of money, don't we?

But aren't businesses taxed on profits? And aren't profits likely to go down or be entirely eliminated if we have a world wide economic slowdown? Hmm…

Well, no matter, make the spending promises anyway, it'll help the objective of pushing the Stéphane Dion-led Liberals aside and gaining official opposition party status.

Sad really, but the ploy seems to be working. Could Elizabeth May have been right…

1 comment:

  1. I doubt that every NDPer sees Jack's platform in a Pollyanna context.

    However, Layton cynically assumes that most Canadians are too stupid to realize that tax increases to Canadian companies (to fund his socialist "buy votes" platform):
    - reduce jobs;
    - reduce investment in plant, machinery and infrastructure;
    - put workers out of their jobs;
    - reduce our global competitiveness; and
    - may drive more companies out of business.

    But, then again, truth and reality have never been Jack Layton's attributes. Never were when he was a Toronto councillor, either. At least he is consistently mendacious in spending our "free money".