Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ottawa MPs compared to buffoons by Green Party candidate

According to myKawartha.com, Green Party 21-year-old candidate, Emily Berrigan:

…remembers sitting in the House of Commons gallery with Ms May watching people run the country while acting like “buffoons.”

“It [parliament] is completely disconnected. I don't think I have to tell anybody that, I think everybody knows that it's completely disconnected from real life,” she explains.

What an incredibly arrogant, morally superior statement for this youngster to make? I wander what her great life accomplishments are that she can liken a chamber filled with highly accomplished Canadians to buffoons?


  1. No. I think her assessment of Question period is correct. (first darn thing I have ever agreed with from a green) I wouldn't accept that type of rude disrespectful behavior one sees on the floor of the House of Commons from a group of sugar high cub scouts!

    If these were truly the "highly accomplished Canadians" you give them credit for then there would be more decorum.

  2. Kind of ironic she came to "a sudden realization of what she wanted to do with her life", which seems to be insulting our Parliamentarians, while participating in the Katimavik program . . . A program put together, supported and financed by the "buffoons" she so readily dismisses.

  3. They do act like buffoons. I feel embarrassed on behalf of the politicians when I watch it. This isn't a partisan issue, all parties suck at this.

  4. Just Being Honest --

    It wasn't quite so sudden, but it was a turning point in my life. Just because we have MPs who do not understand basic decorum does not mean that every single thing the government does is bad. You have a way of twisting words -- kind of ironic considering your blogger name.

    Mr. Campbell --

    Another ironic statement -- arrogant, morally superior "youngster"? Hm.

    Have you sat in QP recently?

    Emily Berrigan
    Green candidate in Peterborough

  5. moeberrigan,

    I watch question period most days that parliament sits. I have also sat in the visitors' gallery. And never have I been tempted to compare our MPs buffoons.

    The British parliamentary system has a long tradition of members acting in certain ways, and this parliamentary tradition, among others, has served our country well. It has also served most other English-speaking countries well.

    I have seen the Australian, UK and Jamaican houses of commons in action and can tell you the actions of the MPs are similar.

    Therefore, I have every reason to believe other Commonwealth houses of commons are similar too. Are all of their members also like buffoons?