Monday, September 29, 2008

One more example of how the USA has lost it's role as leader of the free world

Folks, not that we needed one, but we just got one more example of how and why the USA has lost it's role as leader of the free world.

As the world looked on, America's legislators huffed and puffed but could not put their petty party rivalries aside to resolve the world-wide crisis which is entirely of their own making.

Never again should any nation put its trust in that spent force of a nation. Alarmingly, however, those people have the power to wipe out life on earth with their weapons of mass destruction, so reluctantly we must avert our eyes and offer lip service in a show of undeserved respect to them.

America cannot any longer win wars—even ones they start against a nation a fraction of its size and wealth; America cannot care for their own citizens in times of natural disasters—Hurricane Katrina; America can no longer claim the moral high ground—Guantanamo Bay and the Iraq war in general. Now they have placed the worlds financial security in peril.

When it came right down to it, the McCain Republicans voted against the bill, they say, because their feelings had been hurt by Nancy Polusi. Pathetic. And shame on you!

And what was war hero McCain's first reaction? Word of the lost vote was hardly out when that pompous, blowhard, pretender and political opportunist John McCain was blaming his political opponent Barack Obama even though clearly McCain has much of the blame to shoulder—if only he were man enough to do so.


  1. An absolutely perfect example of how irrelevant the little man in the big chair has become -- he warned of dire consequences and was ignored by his own party.

    -- and now they're all running around pointing fingers at each other, what a joke.

  2. If the bill were so important... why didn't the Democrats just pass it? Oh yeah... they didn't want the political fallout from giving away $700B of taxpayer cash for a plan that may not even work, and that their constituents were dead-set against.

    This is hardly a one-sided foul-up, they both screwed up. But then again, if they hadn't been so doom and gloom over the situation we might not find them in a spot where they have to act. Had they been a little more optimistic, perhaps there would be more investor confidence.

  3. ... and who is responsible for much of the ensuing mess , both politically and financially ... surprise surprise ... the left.

    In the US as in Canada the left have been the source of pure obstructionism.

    Here is an example :

    "Blame Fannie Mae and Congress for the Credit Mess"
    Much of the mess could have been avoided but the Democrats blocked a bill in 2005/2006 which would have limited the damage.

    oh ... and it was Clinton who initiated this mess with "Affirmative Action Loans"
    " Fannie Mae Eases Credit To Aid Mortgage Lending" (NYT 1999)

  4. Preaching to the choir, my friend. Well said.

  5. The only good thing that may come out of this is that perhaps Canadians will learn to live within their means. We will not go through the collapse that the U.S. is undergoung, but things will get rough for a while. This may be the wakeup call to Canadians that it is better to keep some money in reserve rather than goung into debt to buy the latest electronic junk or to remodel the house every year.

  6. Wow, heavily invested in the stock market?

    If the whole world is waiting with baited breathe for the Yanks to buy out every bank in the world, then boo-hoo.

    Cough up some cash if you think the plan should go through. The reason off-shore banks are in jeopardy is because they wanted in on the cash grab too.


  7. Let's be honest here. The same people who hate America are the same people who suck up Ameican culture like Jenna Jameson sucks Tito Ortiz.

    America won the Iraq war. Gitmo is a pefect solution to those terrorists and the moral high ground you talk about means F-ALL to Americans like myself.

    The world needs the USA,not the other way around.

    Remember that, you little ignoramus.

    And I thought this was the worst part of your blog.

    You said "America is no longer the leader of the free world".

    Well, who is?

    Canada? Russia? China? Britain? Scandenavia?

    Let me know.

  8. Russ:

    You're starting to sound like a lefty. Puhlease.

    If you'd like some background on the whole sub-prime mess, go to Wikipedia and look up "Community Reinvestment Act". See where the problems originated, observe who tried to stem the tide ( Bush in 2003, McCain in 2005 ). Free market Republicans voted against this bill because they couldn't stomach the responsible taxpayer having to bail out greedy bankers and dreamy sub-prime mortgage holders ( ie. those who knowingly borrowed beyond their means ). I hope you're not getting all your news from the MSM, because they're aren't providing all the details of this mess.

    Bill Clinton has publicly acknowledged the role his administration played in this mess, it isn't just the Republicans who are placing the blame on the Democrats.

  9. Did Obama and the rest of the Democtats support McCain's bill in 2005 that was aimed at preventing the meltdown of Fanny and Freddy? No! They claimed there was no problem. Since the Dems had already prevented any action on attempts to solve the problem in the previous two years, perhaps they could get support if they admitted the real facts.

  10. Brian, there's lots of blame to go around—on both sides.

    The point here is that 20 years ago America was a bastion of good government, and a rock-solid financial giant. This mess would have been far less likely, and if it had happened they would have fixed it pronto.

    Sadly, those days have passed.

  11. Too afraid to publish my original commment?

    Well, the blame lies in the Community Reinvestment Act. Look it up.

  12. Strong Conservative,

    Too simplistic to blame that one piece of legislation. I've been familiar with it for some time. There has been a push by the Canadian left to copy it here—so far, I'm very glad to say, unsuccessful.

    Fact is this disaster has occurred on Republican watch period! Now they can't agree on how to fix it. They don't trust their own president or McCain enough to follow their lead on this, but ask the American voters to vote for another Republican president. Pathetic. Republicans should man up and move on. Get over it.

    As for you "original comment." I'm pretty sure I did not block any of your comments. The last one I saw from you was dated Sep 29, and started:

    "I'm happy to educate Russ. Do a little research and you can find out my real name too. I'm not trying to insult you, I'm making valid comparisons."

    It was a comment to another post and is over here:

    Words don't scare me; sometimes they offend me or Canadian law, but I don't remember yours being in either category.

    Thanks for your comment, Strong.