Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama and McCain meeting with Bush to discuss the economic plan

Senator Barack Obama and Senator John McCain will be meeting with George W. Bush on Thursday to discuss the economic plan, the so called bailout plan.

This news follows McCain's announcement that he was suspending his campaign to return to Washington to help fix the financial crisis. If McCain were to become president, would he suspend all activity each time there is a crisis, or would he do as other presidents have done: multitask?

Economics are not one Senator McCain's strengths, so just what does he hope to accomplish by inserting himself into these complicated negotiations? I do hope this is not just another example of political opportunism on the part of McCain.

McCain would dearly like to delay the upcoming debate also, but Obama seems to be resisting this.

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  1. Obama wants to distance himself from the whole mess. The Democrats killed an attempt to increase the over sight of Freddie and Fanny in 2003 because they claimed there was no problem. Distancing himself may be somewhat of a problem however, as he has the second highest total contributions from Fanny Mae since 1990, despite only being a Senator since '04. Then there is the disgraced former CEO of Fanny Mae;s claim that he was one of Obama's economic advisers. no Obama just wishes this crisis would just go away quickly and quietly before too many questions have to be answered.