Saturday, September 20, 2008

A new low, even for the Grits

A new Liberal ad is on YouTube. I cannot believe that Stéphane Dion and the Liberal Party could stoop to such distortion. I know I've seen this sort of big-lie propaganda somewhere before, wonder where that was…? What a foul gang the Grits are turning into. With lack of leadership, the Grit backroom gang has gone out of control.

What a desperate group they have become to be using the deaths of fellow Canadians to so distort an attempt at humour by a Tory cabinet minister, who has already apologized.

Black humour followed by one of the blackest moments in the history of the party of Lester Pearson. Shame on the Grits! The current gang dishonours all those who came before them.

Ms. Martha Hall Findlay, what say you now about Stéphane Dion's integrity? Mr. Bob Rae and Mr. Michael Ignatieff, you most be very proud now to see the true nature of the gang you've thrown your lot in with.


  1. liberals have no integrity, no morality, and no shame. Every time I walk through a cow pasture, I end up scraping a Liberal off the bottom of my shoes.

  2. A poster on Joanne's blog this morning made the observation that given how quickly that ad was out, it is obvious the Liberals knew about that comment long before it came out in the public.

  3. If you check out Warren Kinsella's blog, you'll see that one of his 'friends' was involved in the production.

    Kinsella seems quite impressed with the results.

  4. Why am I not surprised at the gutter politics of the LIEBERANO$. After all....when you come from the gutter.... We spent a year or more with their manufactured SCANDLES a week, and more to come, I am sure. They just can't accept, that Canadians kicked their sorry a$$ to the curb in the last election. When you are used to be entitled to your entitelments....The PUBLIC PURSE