Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NDP would enshrine universal day care in law

The NDP plans to enshrine universal day care into law and spend billions of dollars on it. Here we go off into la la land layton with our friends from the far left.

How can we even be thinking of a new, extraordinarily expensive social program when we have not fully implemented the universal healthcare program they take credit for?

Our current healthcare does not universally cover either drugs, eye care or dental. As an example, diabetes is a life-threatening disease that is on the rise in Canada, yet the cost of medicines and testing equipment needed to treat and control this condition is not covered by our government funded healthcare system. Necessities such a eye examinations and physiotherapy, not to mention abscessed teeth, are also excluded—at least, they are here in Ontario.

Until we have implemented truly universal, comprehensive healthcare, I could never support the funding of still another major social program. This is fiscal irresponsibility at its worse.

I think we are beginning to see why the left-wing parties have been salivating at the thought of getting their hands on the billions of dollars in the new “carbon taxes” they are all proposing.

Hidden agenda? You bet!


  1. You bet they would enshrine it in law. The 1.2 billion they popose for 165,000 new day care facilities covers the creation of those new facilities only. It says nothing about the fact that many day care spaces have closed because they can't pay enough to retain staff. The extra cost for raising salaries to liveable levels would cost another 1.2 billion. But once daycare becomes an entitlement, as proposed by a daycare association spokeswoman on TV today,then the salary demands would have to be met. Once funded by the government all these people would also be eligible for membership in C.U.P.E.
    Oh, happy day! Oh, bankrupt nation!

  2. Jack had to better Dion in the bidding war today.
    Make it immediate and make it the law...thank gawd Dippers are only in contention for second place.