Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NDP loses another candidate

An NDP candidate in B.C., Julian West, has dropped out of the federal election after receiving unwanted exposure over going nude in front of teenagers more than a decade ago.

"After thinking about it, I have determined that I do not want to continue as a candidate and I have informed the party of that decision," Julian West said.

Mr. West allegedly dropped his shorts while a group of teenagers were body painting and said "paint me all over." He also went skinny dipping. This is alleged to have happened in 1996 while Mr. West was attending a conference sponsored by the Duncan chapter of Leadership Initiative For the Earth.

After investigating the incident in 1996, police did not lay charges, chalking up the incident to inappropriate, not criminal, behaviour.

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  1. this is my riding and I am now worried that the left in the riding will coalesce behind the Liberal candidate, B. "Lady Godiva" Penn and steal the riding from Gary Lunn. The CPC garner about 37-40% vote and the left split so Lunn wins. Without an NDP candidate the only option other than Liberal is Andrew Lewis for the Greens. an interesting battle is brewing. I expect to see Harper drop in here and an increase in spending.