Thursday, September 25, 2008

More name-calling from Dion

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion is reported by to have described Prime Minister Stephen Harper as a “dangerous ideologue.” Apparently, in an interview with the Georgia Straight, Dion also claimed that the prime minister has been insincere during this election campaign, because to do so would reveal that he wants to turn Canada into a “right-wing Republican country.”

What prompted such over-the-top name-calling?

  • “His problem, Mr. Harper, is that he cannot be sincere.…Because if he was sincere, he would show to Canadians really what he wants to do with the country.”
  • Every once in a while, Harper reveals who he really is—“like today, when he insulted the artists.”
  • Harper’s law-and-order policies will result in an additional 5,000 Canadians going to jail, and the Conservative government has not set aside any money to pay for this.

You get the idea. Nothing there that would make a person a “dangerous ideologue,” is there.

As to the charge that the prime minister wants to make Canada a “right-wing Republic:” nothing. Canada is a parliamentary democracy and monarchy, and I have not seen or heard anything to indicate that 10 years from now it will be otherwise.

In fact, the Conservatives are the ones that usually favour the monarchy, not the Liberals. And it is usually those from Quebec who seem most in favour of a republican-style government.

Dion is a Liberal from Quebec… Hmm … So from Mr. Dion can we expect Canada to be turned into a left-wing republican country? I hope not. Socialism, after all, has not exactly been a roaring success around the world.

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