Monday, September 29, 2008

Michael Coren: the CBC as it stands now has no future

Popular broadcaster Michael Coren has a pithy opinion piece at the Toronto Sun's Web site today.

As reported elsewhere, CBC Web site journalist Heather Mallick has been castigated by that network's ombudsman for a nasty bit of yellow journalism she hacked out in early September. (See earlier blog post commenting on Mallick's column here.)

Coren adds a couple of anecdotes to the already unsettling level of evidence that the CBC has long ago crossed the line in offering balanced commentary.

I agree with Coren when he writes:

“There is something exciting and vibrant about the meaty exchange of ideas and ideals, and from such a clash of ideologies Canada becomes a more interesting place. Instead we have dreary and predictable abuse from Enright, Mallick and their dowdy friends.”

Apparently the CBC ombudsman also agrees with this sentiment—hopefully the CBC management will do some housecleaning.

[Coren's article here]

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