Monday, September 29, 2008

McCain fails to deliver vote for rescue plan

Republican Party hopeful, Senator John McCain, has failed miserably to deliver enough support from his own party to pass the rescue bill that he has endorsed, putting the world's financial markets in great peril.

Apparently, in a fit of pique, his party's members voted in significant numbers against the White House-sponsored bill because they wanted to punish the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi for her introduction to the bill.

How can Senator McCain ever expect to get anything done as president? God, I hope the American people will forget about Barack Obama's skin colour long enough to put a stop to McCain’s bid for four more years of a Bush/McCain administration.


  1. It's a Democrat majority in the house! You can't blame the Republicans that the bill did not pass.

  2. Your arrogance is only surpassed by your ignorance-

    McCain is a member of the Senate. The vote today was in the House of Representatives. They are separate chambers.

  3. Actually, never mind, I misread.

    I thought you were criticizing him for not voting.

  4. 95 Democrats voted against the bill. The Dems didn't need one Republican vote to pass it. The Democrats are desperate to involve the Republicans in the bailout. The Republicans will soon be running adds showing leading Democrats saying there was no problem with Fannie May and CEO Frank Raines was doing a great job. Frank Raines is now on Obama's economic advisory committee. Calls to Congressmen and Senators are reportedly running more than ten to one against the bailout. The backlash against the Democrats is going to be huge when the media can no longer cover up their part in causing this mess.