Tuesday, September 30, 2008

May: wildcard in leaders’ debate

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is the wildcard in the upcoming leaders’ debate.

May is in the best position to go for broke. What does she really have to lose? As things stand now, she won’t win her own seat and her party will be very lucky indeed to win even one seat on October 14.

With little or nothing to lose and an enormous amount to gain, May must be salivating at the chance to use the debate as a forum to attack Stephen Harper, a man she apparently despises. She is free to concentrate all her efforts to damage the prime minister.

May’s political mentor, Stéphane Dion, has a lot to lose and much to gain, and his plight is complicated because he has incumbent MPs to protect. Dion also must defend and attack on two fronts: Jack Layton and Stephen Harper.

Both May and Dion have shown a penchant for damaging themselves while attacking others—we’ll watch for this. My guess is that May will go overboard and Dion will get no better than a tie.

May going overboard will solidify her base—they like that sort of stuff, but won’t sway too many others. If Dion can only tie, Stephen Harper wins.

This is a great showcase for Jack Layton. A really good showing by him will be at the expense of Dion, assuming the prime minister holds his own.

A really great performance by Layton will just about guarantee a majority for the Conservatives and “official opposition party” status for the NDP. Imagine: Jack and Olivia ensconced at Stornoway [shudder].

I can hardly wait.


  1. Hezb'Allah Hattie has nothing to lose. She has already cut her candidates off at the knees by suggesting that voters ignore her party if they think the best chance of stopping the Conservatives is to vote Liberal, NDP, or Bloc.
    All this troll has managed to do is make a farce out of any meaningful future debate. Already other fringe groups are in court demanding the same status as the Green Party. This dough-head is a one person wrecking ball.

  2. For the record, I find the name calling in the above comment a bit silly. Nor do I agree with the use of "Hezb'Allah Hattie " and "troll" to refer to any of our political leaders. Can't we have a civil debate without this stuff? I don't care if the other side does it—we conservatives are better than that.

  3. Thanks for standing up to the name calling and smear attempt Russ.

    "May’s political mentor, Stéphane Dion"
    I think you have a funny take on that. Dion has copied May's platform. Whom is mentoring who?

    Seriously, to say either is mentoring the other is really just trying to frame them as teammates, when they are actually only in the same game, not on the same team.