Friday, September 19, 2008

May gets best placement in debate

For the English debate, Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be on the end and Green Party leader Elizabeth May will be next to him. With Liberal leader Stéphane Dion in the centre, this means May will be between the leader of the opposition and the prime minister, getting in the way of the only debaters that matter.

What a travesty! The least significant leader in Canadian politics by a wide margin and she's placed between the only two leaders with a genuine shot at governing the country after October 14.

This is great for Elizabeth May and her supporters—but bad news for about 95 percent of Canadians. But May wont care: she's having her 15 minutes of fame and to hell with the rest of us.


  1. Actually close to 80% of Canadians want May in the debates. Where she stands is immaterial, it's television and radio after all.

  2. Where she stands is immaterial? Wow, haven't heard that one before. There seems to be a broad consensus that May won one today.

    Your perspective is interesting but it is a minority view based on media reaction.

  3. Saskboy, that 80% is going to turn into 100% who will find this woman insufferable, incoherent and downright insane when they hear her plans for Canada..

  4. 80%? Not even 70% of eligible voters actually vote, so saying that 80% of Canadians want her in the debates is not only a stretch, it's absurd. Most people don't care and many people think she'll just be a distraction, especially considering how she's performed up until now -- personally, having watched her briefly, I'd like to see her full-tilt. Let her true colours show.
    I don't think it will end up mattering where she stands on the stage because of where she stands on the issues.