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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Layton bids $1 billion for seniors’ vote

Jack Layton has bid $1 billion for seniors’ vote…do I hear $2 billion from Stéphane Dion?

Today, according to Canadian Press:

Layton says a NDP government would provide funding to allow 100,000 more seniors to be cared for in their homes instead of institutions. The program would cost $250 million in the first year and grow to $1 billion by Year 4.

Wow, their proposed carbon tax windfall will be used up in no time. Can you afford all this—I know I can’t.

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  1. Jack figures that homecare cost for 100,000 seniors will be $10,000 each.
    NOT a chance it's that low, unless it only amounts to a few hours per week.

    And where's the funding for the training of aides? Will they be unionized?
    More nurses, more doctors, more homecare aides...where are all these workers coming from?