Sunday, September 14, 2008

John McCain bends the truth…again

UPI reports that, after staking out a campaign based on straight talk, Republican presidential nominee John McCain, has veered from the truth in recent weeks.

McCain has distorted the record of his opponent, Democrat Barack Obama, and has exaggerated the record and foreign policy bona fides of his own running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

The newspaper said that among the McCain camp's misstatements are that Obama favors sex education for kindergartners and that Palin sold her state plane on eBay and turned down federal money for the so-called "bridge to nowhere."

Most recently, the McCain campaign went on the defensive after The Boston Globe reported Saturday that Palin's 2007 trip to Iraq, which the campaign had provided as evidence of her foreign policy experience, was actually a trip to a Kuwait-Iraq border crossing.

John McCain has no steak to sell so he tries to peddle Sarah Palin sizzle and just fabricates the rest.


  1. You call yourself a conservative? Or are you just a member of BT because you are a traffic whore?

  2. Please inform me what steak Obama is selling?

    Socialism, well done I believe. Increased taxes, more government programs, more regulation. Match that with no record of achieving anything but the promotion of himself and his gigantic ego.

    Obama claims to have worked with Sen Lugar to secure loose nukes. Please, the Nunn-Lugar Act was passed in 1991 and was in place long before Barry came along. He added a simple amendmnet, hardly something to brag about.

    So let's see what Obama has lied about: free trade, taxes, public campaign funds, how his mother and father met (i.e. Selma), his relationship with Rev. Wright, his friend Bill Ayers, and the very fact that he would run for president in 2008.

    Give me a break. Don't by the hype, it ain't hope or change.

  3. Yes, mutton chops, I do call myself a conservative. I've voted conservative at every election, but one, since the early 1960s. I've also worked on more conservative political campaigns than I care to remember.

    What I'm not is a sheep: I don't follow blindly, and I don't support every inept politician just because he wraps himself in the flag and spouts a lot of conservative stuff.

    The USA, I'd have thought, has had enough of ineptness after the past seven plus years. For more evidence the country is suffering from having chosen the worst president in history just because he claims to be conservative, turn on your TV about 9:00 a.m. or call you stock broker after the markets open this morning (Monday) and weep along with me.

  4. If you think this is the worst president in history, you obviously have forgotten about Mr. Jimmah Carter. Does the word malaise mean anything to you?

    If you are a conservative, then supporting Obama goes against your own values. Obama proposes higher taxes, more regulation, and bigger government, is that conservative as you understand it?

    Get real. Mutton chops' point is completely valid.

  5. Well said, strong conservative, Carter does edge out Bush, jr as the worst president.

    And, yes, it does go against the grain for me to support Borack Obama. But I have little choice, given the McCain alternative.

    Here's some of what McCain's cousin has to say in The Huffington Post:

    “Here was a man who was not abiding by partisan lines, who was, instead, living up to his promise of "straight talk" and commonsense thinking. The right-wing Republican base may not have agreed with everything he said, but the rest of America certainly respected him for speaking his mind honestly.

    Jump ahead to the campaign Sen. McCain is currently running. Clearly, a lot can change in eight years. Our nation has gone from a time of unparalleled prosperity and peace to one marked by debt in the trillions of dollars, record foreclosures, and a global reputation for warmongering and neo-imperialism.

    So, where is the straight-talking, commonsense John McCain of 2000? I'm afraid he is long gone, replaced by a desperate version of himself who seems to contradict nearly everything he once stood for.

    What becomes apparent in his ideological about-face is just how out of touch McCain really is with America's working families.”

    As for your final comment that you agree with Mutton chops's point. What point? His comment made no point, it was simply a facile act of name-calling: the last resort of the intellectually bankrupt.

  6. Your evidence for McCain stretching the truth is UPI and Huffington Post? Great sources, completely unbiased of course...

    Mutton is on point because you can't say I am conservative and then say I like Obama. You can't be a socialist and a conservative, you can't support bigger government and limited government, you can't support central planning and the free market... See the inconsistency?

    So when Mutton Chops questions you labeling yourself as a conservative, he makes an extremely legitimate point which a few BTers can't seem to grasp, that Obama is almost as left wing as Jack Layton-retreat, higher taxes, and bigger government.

    MC didn't name call, he pointed out a very obvious hyprocrisy. Not an attack, just reality Mr. Campbell.

  7. Strong conservative, I saw the result of your sort of conservatism on the stock markets today—you must be very proud.

    And by what moral compass are you guided, if you do not consider calling someone a “traffic whore” name calling?

    And it's a bit rich for you to talk about Obama supporting “retreat.” After all, it was the Republicans who retreated, in defeat, from Vietnam.

    And what about that age-old conservative value of balanced budgets?

    Even Sarah Palin today said that that a McCain-Palin administration would “put an end to the mismanagement and abuses in Washington and on Wall Street that have resulted in this financial crisis.”

    And since the Republicans controlled both houses of Congress from 1994 until 2006—except the Senate for 2001 and 2002, I can safely infer she is blaming your brand of conservatism for the terrible mess we are all in now.

    Being an ideologue is fine except when it results in illegal wars and the meltdown of a country's financial infrastructure.

    Having said all that, I do appreciate your visit and welcome your comments. I hope you wont take my rebuttals personally. They are meant in the spirit of free debate.

  8. RC:
    I'm happy to debate you, don't take my criticism for name calling. You have your history completely wrong though.

    For example, it was the Democrats who cut off funding for the troops in Vietnam, not the GOP. They also broke their promise to S.Vietnam who were subsequently massacred.

    If you think the GOP caused the sub-prime crisis, you haven't done any investigation beyond Obama tag lines. The sub-prime lending was the result of a Clinton initiative to FORCE lenders to lower their requirements for NINJA loans (no income, no job, no assets). Their intentions may have been good, but the results were the mismanagement of Fannie and Freddie, people buying homes who should not have been and getting in way over their heads. GOP efforts to reign in these practices were stifled by Chuck Schumer and Barney Frank.

    I will agree with you on balanced budgets, of which the GOP, Dems, and Bush are all to blame, but I hardly trust Obama to lower spending and balance budgets, he's promising nothing but new spending and more social programs.

    Your use of the term illegal war sounds very NDPish, that's usually something the far left throws around for any conflict involving self defence or preempption, both of which are "legal" under international law.

    However, I find international law a nice idea, but hardly practical in a world where Kim Jong IL, Assad, Ahmadinejad, Putin and other hijack institutions like the UN. So save me the rhetoric.

    You may consider me an ideologue, but I prefer standing on principal rather than the hype of the newest political winds.