Monday, September 8, 2008

Jack Layton "borrows" story from Barack Obama

Noticed this at Steve Janke's blog:

“NDP leader Jack Layton tells a heart-wrenching story about the man who had to box up the equipment he'd worked on for twenty years so that it could be shipped, along with his job, to China.”

Apparently, Barack Obama has told this same story. Layton's is about a man in Kenora; Obama's version—the original one—is centered in Indiana. The NDP makes it a habit of claiming other parties issues and accomplishments as their own, so why not also borrow their anecdotes.

Question, though, is whether Layton's story is really true, or is it just another lie made up to make a point in a political speech? Only his speech writer knows for sure.

Pathetic, but true.

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  1. This story was mentioned on the Mark Levin show. Mark was under the impression, that Obama may have plagiarized Jack Layton.