Friday, September 19, 2008

Inspectors in every Canadian meat plant?

Jack Layton wants meat inspectors on the floor of every meat processing plant in Canada. He says it's the only way to prevent another disaster like the listeriosis outbreak that's been blamed for 17 deaths?

What Layton has not explained is how this will prevent listeriosis from infecting the meat.

And why stop at meat? In the U.S. recently, contaminated vegetables cased serious illness. So should we now place food inspectors on every farm, every canning plant, every food terminal? And why stop there? Restaurants, fast food outlets and grocery stores are a potential sources of contamination since their employees handle the food we eat. So let's stick an inspector in every store in the country.

And let's not forget to arm them all with flyswatters—an inexpensive way of enhancing their effectiveness.

Jack Layton will shamelessly exploit every tragedy he can to try and gain a few votes.


  1. Jack's an idiot. So he wants more inspections of Canadian factories, while at the same time allowing conatiners from China and other countries with equally high quality standards right into the stores. I wonder which is the bigger risk? Priorities Jack, Priorities.

  2. You can be sure of two things when Laytoon opens his yap.

    1 - He's wrong
    2 - He's full of it