Thursday, September 18, 2008

Harper uses CRTC to woo Quebec reports that:

“… Harper offered Wednesday to ensure the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ‘reflects and respects Canada's linguistic reality.’

That means the top job at the federal broadcast regulator would alternate between English and French speakers and that the number of CRTC commissioners would reflect the percentage of Canada's francophone population.

The Conservatives acknowledge that the regulator already meets or exceeds such representation. But they say the new minimum standards will ensure it stays that way.”

I was hoping that a Tory majority might see the wind up of the CRTC. Sadly, however, it seems like the media policemen will be alive and well under a Stephen Harper government.


  1. Looks like the Conservatives are turning into Liberal light. The PCers have nothing to fear. The CRTC, a creation of the communist Pierre Elliott Idiot should be put out of its misery not further enshrined.

  2. The CRTC is necessary, but should be severely descoped.

    There needs to be regulation of the broadcast spectrum to prevent five radio stations from trying to all broadcast on 103.9 MHz...

    Change the CRTC mandate to just be stuff like that, and if you want, make it 100% francophone for all I care!