Monday, September 15, 2008

Halton Grit, Garth Turner: amazing coincidence

Garth Turner, the Liberal Party candidate for Halton, Ontario wonders if it is an “amazing coincidence” that “The Halton Con[servative] candidate’s signs finally started to go up yesterday, about the same time ours went down. Amazing how the wind blows so much harder on red stuff.”

Coincidence? I think not.

More like déjà vu, i.e., Garth Turner accusing his opponents of vandalizing his signs. Didn’t he accuse the Liberals of this during the last election when he ran as a Conservative? I guess when he switched sides, the vandals did too…or did they?


  1. It's definitely amusing watching Garth these past few days.
    Liberal "Garth" signs are being taking down and destroyed just like the Conservative "Garth" signs were two years ago.
    He now seems to have a big case of amnesia - he's knocking on the door of her campaign manager's son and he doesn't even recognize him!

    Maybe he's acting as his garthblog commenter alter ego, Milton Jim. Whatever the case, he's one funny dude.

  2. His post on that from the 2005/2006 election is linked to on my blog.

  3. Why is it that very few, if any, of his supporters on his blog are from the Halton riding? You folks must know more than we do. We only know that he's self-serving and very dishonest.