Saturday, September 13, 2008

Grit's Green Shaft Flim-Flam plan

Here's one damn good reason for voting for the Stephen Harper Conservatives.

Stéphane Dion's carbon-tax plan would cover some 75 per cent of emissions, the Liberals say, and would fall most heavily on 700 big emitters, mainly industrial and power plants. These 700 would pay more than half of the $15 billion in revenue the plan would generate by its fourth year. Dion would spend it all, mostly on tax cuts.

Mostly on tax cuts? I'm terrified to ask how much "mostly" is. Stéphane Dion wants the Canadian voters to believe that after a Liberal government got its hands on $15 billion, it would spend it mostly on tax cuts.

The Green Party also say it plans to use its tax shift windfall to cut taxes, including cutting student loans in half. Here's a quote from their plan:

A Green Tax Shift will provide a Carbon Tax Holiday by allowing income taxes and payroll taxes to be reduced, income supplements to low income Canadians to be increased, student loans to be cut in half, and GST rebates to provide more relief to rural Canadians as society makes the transition to a low-carbon economy.

(Go here to read the full text of the Green Party plan.)

I believe that, like his buddy Elizabeth May, Stéphane Dion would use the tax windfall to finance items in his social agenda such as universal state-funded child day care. Lobbyists would be lined up around the block for their turn at the Liberal trough. [shudder]

This is all one big boondoggle to finance a left-wing social agenda. And we poor  schnooks will have to pay for it, big time.

To me the only worthwhile tax cuts are those that are broad-based reductions in taxes, which benefit taxpayers as a whole; not some shifty targeted tax handout to special interest and pressure groups.

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