Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Green Shift: don't be taken in

The Green Shaft Shift, the old campaign plank of the Liberal party, is confusing me.

Here are my points of confusion:

  1. At the Green Shift Web site it states the “plan that will cut income taxes, put a price on pollution, fight poverty …”

    Fight poverty? How? Really poor people in Canada do not pay much taxes, so how will they be helped?
  2. It states: “Energy costs are soaring all over the world.”

    If prices are already soaring, why do we need to pile on more in tax? Soaring prices in any sane society are usually enough to discourage use. And if soaring prices don't work, why do we think extra taxes will make a difference?
  3. It also states: “and we commit that it will not become, a tax grab by government. This commitment will be enshrined in legislation, and we will have the Auditor General look at the numbers and confirm this each and every year to Canadians.”

    Let's see: Liberals committed to Kyoto and yet did nothing to reduce green house emissions on Mr. Dion's watch;

    Liberals promised to dump the GST altogether—now they scream at the mere mention of reducing it by a cent or two.

    I can't even count the number of Ontario Liberal government promises that have been broken in the past few years—even written ones.

    Is a Liberal guarantee really worth anything?
  4. It states: “a family with two children earning $60,000 will save over $1,300, as will a family earning $80,000.”

    Revenue neutral? This is not revenue neutral. Look, to significantly impact consumption, the price per litre would have to increase something like $0.50.

    This sort of family will drive no less than a combined 20,000 miles a year in cars averaging about 25 miles to a gallon for an added cost of ($0.50 x 4.5litres to a gallon x 20000 miles / 25 miles per gallon) $1,800 a year. We are already $500 in the hole before we pay for extra heating for our homes and covering the passed-on costs on virtually every product or service we will consume, and that includes essentials like food. Come to think of it, heating our homes in winter is essential to life in Canada, but the Liberals want to tax the hell out of it.

    Dion's Green Shift promises: “Higher energy costs will be off-set by tax cuts. We will dramatically reduce other taxes, for individuals and for businesses. We will make sure that this dramatic tax shift is revenue neutral.”

    Revenue neutral? I don't believe him! Perhaps Stéphane Dion agrees with his good buddy, Elizabeth May, that we Canadians are stupid.

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  1. Not to worry....Wait for the debates...I am sure Stephen Harper understand what he is saying, and he will make mincemeat out of him , Layton & Mae. What a sorry bunch of brainless, clueless....