Monday, September 15, 2008

A good reason to vote for Stephen Harper

Stephen harper supports our troops, not just with words, but with deeds and, as importantly, with funding vital to their effectiveness and survival  in the field.

After a succession of prime ministers, who sent our troops on dangerous overseas missions year in and year out, but harper_troopscontinued to deny them the funding necessary to obtain and maintain the equipment that is fundamental to a modern fighting force, Stephen Harper, moved quickly to demonstrate his support.

One of his first acts as the new prime minister was making a visit to Canadian troops stationed in Afganistan. Budget increases followed quickly. In less than three years, Harper has done more in the form of tangible support than did several decades of Pierre Trudeau, Joe Clark, John Turner, Brian Mulroney, Kim Campbell, Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin. Not to mention the anti-military rhetoric and voting record we have come to expect from the left-wing opposition: NDP and Bloc Québécois.

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