Monday, September 29, 2008

Give me that old-time socialism, it’s good enough for Jack

"Canadians have a very clear choice here," NDP leader Jack Layton told reporters. "They can go down the path that has been set by Mr. Harper, which is $50 billion of corporate tax cuts. If they want to support that, fine. We think it's wrong."

Never mind that the NDP's proposal to cancel $50 billion in corporate tax cuts would cripple the economy. Even Stéphane Dion agrees with that.

Mr. Layton defended his controversial plan to cancel the cuts, saying that putting money into health care, infrastructure and targeted help for certain sectors is key to boosting productivity and enticing companies to keep jobs in Canada.

Is this man for real? According to his logic (if it can be called that), increasing tax on corporations can somehow boost productivity.

I'll go down the path with Stephen Harper, thank you.

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